OCCHIOMAGICO is born in 1971 (Giancarlo Maiocchi in 1949)

He is deeply influenced by Man Ray's works, and in 1974 he conjectures upon "the most pleasant" illusion of photography.

By mixing different kinds of experiences (symbolism, surrealism, psychedelics and metaphysics) he points his studies towards a multimedia language he calls "New Photography".

The titles of his exhibitions are emblematic:

La Porta di Niepce (Niepce's door, Milan 1978), about the overcoming of photography as a document.

Paesaggi di finzione (Fictional Landscapes, 1981). L'immagine Truccata (The made-up image, 1982). Archeologia del futuro (Archaeology of the future, 1983).

Alchimia (Alchemy) is a moment of research on design, architecture, fashion, a place where languages blend. The collaboration with Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandro Mendini produces 24 covers for Domus magazine (1982, 1983) testifying the change in photography, which represent designed landscapes, imaginary objects, clothes that are yet to come. Photography starts to truthfully portray the project and not the object.

In the same period he works with Ettore Sottsass (Menphis), Aldo Rossi (Il Teatro del Mondo), Michele De Lucchi and magazines such as Casa Vogue, Interni, Abitare, Ottagono, Modo.

For fashion he works with Cinzia Ruggeri, Moschino, Armani and magazines such as Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia, Amica.

Since 1990 he enters a more intimate dimension, creating fictional but believable landscapes, dwelled by women and suspended objects, as if eternally waiting.

"Words are places. Even when we are silent, we are on a journey."
I work on the stories that I can represent with pictures by creating imaginary representations, thus contradicting the documentary nature of Photography but using its magical realism. I stage tales and dreams, life and imagination, present and past, lights and shadows.
I pass through and observe my "secret garden", where I find analogies, complicity, half-truths, memories... Do you remember how many times we laid on the grass and we daydreamed about the meaning of "The Great Blue"?
And those who came before and those who will come.
What do we tell each other, us and the women?

Since 1990 he joins his artistic activity with teaching (IED Arti Visive Milano; Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milano; IED Comunicazione, Milano). Visitor professor at École des Arts in Lausanne, Bauer, NABA, Accademia di Brera in Milan).

Lectures and workshops (Aesthetics and Ecstasy, Changing and Sparkling Mythology).

Works by Occhiomagico are present in the most important collections, both public and private.